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Next concert: Brahms Ein deutsches Requiem (A German Requiem), Strauss Vier letzte Lieder (Four Last Songs) - Saturday 18th November

Starting a new blog...

Philip Le Riche

Philip Le Riche

So you found our choir website - congratulations! Maybe you came to one of our concerts, or you heard about us somehow, or perhaps you were looking for a choir in the area and got here via a web search. And you've had a poke around, hopefully noted our forthcoming concerts and you might come back here again in about a year. Or not.

So how are we going to keep you coming? Well, that is precisely what this blog is for! Maybe 2 or 3 times a term (if I can twist people's arms) you can come back and find a new posting about the choir - maybe an insider's view of rehearsals or of a recent concert, maybe a profile of a choir member, or perhaps something of more general interest about music or musicians. I'll try and kick off with one or two postings of my own.

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See you soon!

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